Tradtitional Bowhunters of Texas


Traditional Bowhunters of Texas is a statewide organization of people who prefer to use recurves, longbows and selfbows as their primary choice of archery equipment. TBOT provides the opportunity for these people to get together and compare equipment, techniques and hunting philosophies.

TBOT does this by sponsoring gatherings and shots during the year and through the quarterly newsletter that is sent to all members. TBOT sponsors the Texas Hill Country Shootout each spring. TBOT also holds shoots across the state to offer the membership the opportunity to participate without traveling great distances. TBOT members pay a reduced entry fee at TBOT shoots. At all 3-D type events, children 12 and under shoot free, even if their parents are not members. Also, all children receive trophies, medals or some other type of award for participation.

The newsletter contains information about activities within the organization, news of other traditional events across Texas, hunting and tournament photos, and stories - both factual and fictitious - submitted by members. There is a free classified ad section for use by the membership. If a member has a question about equipment or hunting situations, there are a number of bowyers, arrow crafters and outfitters in the membership to answer questions.

Traditional Bowhunters of Texas