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****HCS Pre Registration T Shirt Update****
If you are pre registering for the 2024 HCS, the T Shirt Order went in on Friday March 15th.
If we received your pre registration after that date we cannot guarantee you will receive a T Shirt.

NEWS Update - North Texas area TBoT is introducing a new class Modern Recurve (MRC) at their shoots.

A  MRC is defined as any bow configuration that allows a plunger, arrow rest, medal or wood riser and all weights must attached directly to the riser.
Stabilizers are not authorized.
Stablizers are defined as any attachment that extends beyond 3 inches from the riser.
MRC includes a longbow under same guidelines as above.
A MRC bow configuration can be a one,two, or three piece bow.
String walking is allowed.
Range finders are not allowed.  Binoculars are allowed but not at the shooting stake.
The  MRC stake will be set at distances  appropriate to the size of the targets.
Generally the distance will be set at a distance at or farther than the current stakes.
The TBoT will determine if a  bow meets the requirements of the class.

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