Tradtitional Bowhunters of Texas

Well, here are the pics from my opening week. As far as deer hunting goes, it was nothing to write home about. I still have not seen any bucks at all and only a few does. Sat and Sun were uneventful. Mon morning I shot two pigs but only recovered one (I hit it good but there was no blood trail to speak of. The buzzards led me to it the next day not 100yds from where I had shot it. There was still enough left to confirm a good hit but she sure did not bleed out good. I must have walked right by her while doing circle patterns the day before.). On Tues morning I got in the blind real early. Way before light I could hear the hand thrown corn being crunched and could tell it was not a deer but another pig. After it got light enough to see I could tell it was a nice sow. I shot her quartered away at about 10yds and she only made it about 40yds until expiring.I shot that sow real early so I decided to stay and see if anything else would come out. At about 8:30am I finally had a doe come in to one of my shooting lanes and proceeded to whiff one right over her back. Oh well, a clean miss is better than a bad hit any day. Then on Wed morning she came back. I shot her at about ten yds and watched her go down about 40yds away. All 3 animals were shot with my Sarrels Blueridge takedown longbow, GoldTip 55/75 arrows, and German Kinetic 150gr SilverFlame XL broadheads.

Traditional Bowhunters of Texas